Selective Soldering Pallets

ATERON produces Selective Soldering, Wave Soldering, Reflow Soldering and SMT Process Carriers.


We supply consumables for Electronic Manufacturing Services.

Production and Repair Equipments

ATERON provides innovative and precise machinery and manufacturing solutions.


08.02.2013 - GÖPEL AOI and X-Ray System Distribution We offer a wide range of GÖPEL AOI and X-Ray optical inspection systems. Get the total coverage.


Experienced, high caliber engineers from Mechatronics and Electronics, state of the art machinery and passion is what brings ATERON LTD. to life in 2011. Success was built upon decades of experience in electronics, manufacturing, automotive sectors and related valuable know how. ATERON LTD, became one of the key players in its segment with its manufacturing capabilities and worldwide network. ATERON LTD started to distribute consumables and equipment for Electronic Manufacturing Services sector and Surface Mount Technologies recently, as well as providing maintenance and installation service for related machinery.

We are your reliable Partner. We offer Selective Soldering Pallets, Wave Pallets, Reflow Pallets, SMT Process Carriers, Adjustable Pallets, Routing Fixtures, AOI X-Ray fixtures, Printing Supports, SMT-Stencils, Step-Stencils, Nanowork-Stencils, Taconic Tacsil Process Tapes, Printing Consumables, Metal or PU Squeegees, Stencil Storage and Working Cabinets, Spare Parts for Printers, Cleaning Rolls, KIWO Cleaning Chemicals, EL9200, EL8200, StencilGuard: stencil nanocoating, SMT nozzles and feeders, LCM consumables, Cleanroom garments and equipments, gloves, esd products, bouffants, sticky mats, sticky roller, coveralls, facemasks, Rework Stations, PCBs for prototyping and serial production, PCB and Stencil Cleaning Machines, SAYAKA Depanelizer Machines, PCB Router, Desiccators for IC and BGA Storage, KIC Reflow Profiler, C-TECH Industrial Soldering-, Bonding-, Welding- and Automation Systems, SONY Pick&Place Machines, SONY SPI and AOI Inspection Systems, SONY Screen Printing Equipments, HB-Automation Reflow Oven Systems, YJ Link Conveyor Systems, OLB Bonding, PWB Bonding, LCM Panel Production, LCM Rework Equipments, BLU, LCM Module Assembly Systems and Automation, ATF Collenberg Wave Soldering Oven Systems, Tagarno high resolution Digital Microscopes, Nordson Yestech X-Ray and AOI Products, Aerotech high speed and high accurate gantries, High-Z CNC Router, GÖPEL AOI and X-Ray inspection systems, used Robots, ABB Robots as manufacturing solutions.